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Chances are if you are reading this, you know I live in the middle of Austin, Texas. And you’re probably thinking to yourself, “she isn’t around horses, she can’t possibly have suggestions I need to know about”. If that was not your first thought, thank you for coming and hopefully this helps you!

Almost two years ago, I was bucked off a young horse my family raised (read more about him here). I had not had a horse to ride in 3 years, and I was very excited to have him here. Leading up to the moment I was dirt-darted, he was going through a period of extreme emotional difficulty. He was unhappy, losing weight and generally lacked luster in his eyes and coat. The moment after, I knew that I could no longer keep him and thus started the journey to helping my brother and sister-in-law with helping Max feel his best. After lots of research, enter EPM SuperDewormer. I knew Paige growing up and knew she had a knack for all holistic things. Max went from dull and grouchy, to shiny and happy. The results truly speak for themselves of not only Max, but so many more horses. I cannot say enough good things about this product and if you are interested, reach out to Paige and she can get you hooked up!

The second product is one of my all time favorite products I have used, called the tail boot. Horses will swish out their tails fighting summer time flies. The reason I love this particular product over a tail bag is the thoughtfulness in the design. It keeps the braided tail safe but still is designed to allow the horse to swish flies with the use of the twine at the end. Not to mention the fact you can get lots of pretty colors of twine! The longevity is unmatched for the neoprene boot, their customer service is great, and all you will need to replace on a semi-frequent basis is the twine.

Third on the list is this slow feeder net. I am a huge proponent of slow feeding. I didn’t grow up knowing anything but feeding twice a day. Even through college, I was not very aware of it but I can tell you, the healthiest horses are those that have constant access to some kind of forage. Horses produce stomach acid all the time and the one thing that reduces it, is being able to eat. On my journey to being able to have my horses out my back door again, I have tried my hardest to do research on how to be the best steward for their health. I came across the ECIR group on facebook and went down the rabbit hole of nutrition for horses. Though I do not have horses with cushings or insulin resistance, the information posed in this group as well as the informational blog of Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD was incredibly interesting to me. Diet, hoof care, and teeth care are the foundation to any good horse program and with that comes opinions of all different sorts. My suggestion and belief to my core is to keep it simple, know your horse, and find people you trust that have your horse's success at the top of their list.

Next on the list is this little guy. Fallon, albeit polarizing, knows what she is doing. She loves the sport and has been an advocate for better barrel racing. She has advocated for brain safety, ground safety, and is constantly trying to better herself. All opinions aside, the saddle sack is extremely useful. You don’t have to run with one, but to have one on an everyday saddle is pretty genius. They are all weather, durable and come in different sizes and patterns. Don’t sleep on the launches, they go quickly!

This list was hard to narrow down to just 5 products but for those like me who have self diagnosed blog ADD, my last product is the Rambo Plus Flymask. This concept is great to me because if you have ever had anything around your eye, having it bump up against your eyelashes is nothing short of annoying. Same goes for your horses. They rip them off due to generally being a jerk but also because it can be annoying having something blurry your vision or bother your eyes. As prey animals, they see 180 degrees on each side and need to see well. With this fly mask, it has a design that does just that. Horseware Ireland creates durable products while keeping the horse in mind. Check out some of their other products as well!

While I am sure you have heard about most of these, maybe my opinion on them has opened your eyes. Let me know if you try any of these products, I would love to hear your opinion and experiences...send me a message below!


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