I have no problem talking in person about myself but when it came to writing this piece, I instantly acquired writer's block...weeks of it, in fact. There is something that feels so permanent about words on a page that I am not quite comfortable with...maybe it is my desire for perfection or maybe it is my distaste for vulnerability, but if I am being totally honest, it is probably that I don’t really know where to start; so what better place than the current one!


I am what you would call an urban cowgirl, a horse girl stuck in the city, by choice, for the time being. I'm an enneagram 8, for anyone that cares, and upon discovering that information, it thought well I also like to think I have a bit of a sense of humor that mostly comes at the expense of my amazing and tolerant husband. I grew up in a rodeo family, and horses were my first love (really my only true love for a very long time). I played three sports through middle school and high school trying to avoid being deemed "the horse girl", as I never wanted to be defined by rodeo or horses. Again, it felt too permanent and boring.


My dad always said “you’re a jack of all trades, but a master of none” and though I know he meant well by it, it always stuck with me as negative. I was never going to be great at one thing, always just mediocre at several things. Now, I pride myself on being a collector of abilities. Ask me almost anything and I think I can tell you a little bit about it...

Jack of All Trades

My husband calls me a renaissance woman (which, if I am being honest, I would rather be a “jack of all trades” than some lady in a dirty dress patching other ladies dirty dresses), which is not very endearing.


I decided to rodeo in college. I didn't win a dime, but had a heck of a time losing. By the grace of God, I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in the only thing I was confident I could pass, Equine Science. Yes, I studied horses in college. I have worked in many different industries in my 30 years on this earth and each has taught me something.


I am currently living in Austin, Texas and working in commercial property management as an Assistant Property Manager and I love it. I have worked in construction with my brother in middle school and high school, I have worked in retail, fitness, spa / hospitality and also for CSU.


I have lived in three different states, but absolutely adore Texas. I am married to a wonderful and smart man who is a finance guy and had absolutely nothing to do with horses, that is of course before he got bit by one in Puerto Rico and ended up marrying me...but that is a story for another time. Now, he is blessed with four wonderful barrel horses!


Speaking of horses, bloodlines are something I love and if you're like me, you love them too! I have two broodmares, Lola and Scarlett. Lola is by Jess Lousiana Blue out of a Sir Austin Duncan mare and Scarlett (we owned her mama and raised her) is a daughter of Visionarian out of a Special Effort / Bugs Alive In 75 mare. Lola has had four babies and two I still have.. one by Guys Pocket Coin and the other by a stud named Hearts A Raysen (full brother to blue hen mare, French Bar Belle). Her second oldest and probably naughtiest, Max, is with my brother and sister-in-law in North Texas. We also spoil two adopted pups and are in the market for a nice piece of property in Texas we will be able to call home (insert crying emoji due to the current real estate market).


There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about horses, whether it be driving down the road, riding my peloton, or working. I stay connected through any and every resource possible, but the main person that still keeps me connected is Fallon Taylor. She shares every bit of her journey and for that, I am grateful. It has almost nothing to do with her, and everything to do with the feeling I get watching her journey believing one day, that could be me.


Like every little rodeo girl, my dream is to run down the alley at the Thomas and Mack. Through this blog, I hope that I can motivate, connect, and teach someone through the things that I share.    

Experience and Education
  • BS, Equine Science - Colorado State University

  • VP, CSU Rodeo Team